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Jessica Willman

Fit4Mom Downtown Austin Owner/Instructor

Jessica, "Jessie", has always had a passion for health and fitness. She is a United States Air Force veteran, published National Bodybuilding competitor/model, and previous first-round draft pick in Ladies Football League (LFL) for the Austin Texas Acoustics.

In early 2016, Jessie’s life transformed when she found out she was going to become a mother. During her pregnancy, Kuhlman had to cease a majority of physical activity due to high risk complications. Soon after her son was born, she wanted to get back into her fitness regimen, and her friend told her about Stroller Strides®.

"At first I was so skeptical, ladies pushing strollers as a workout?? However, my first experience at Stroller Strides was nothing like I expected and I was hooked! It was literally everything I needed- a reason to get out of the house and out of my postpartum funk, a fun yet challenging way to get back into shape (and not rely on daycare), and more importantly mom friends! "

Kuhlman fell in love with the camaraderie among the moms she met, and was presented with the opportunity to grow another mama village in Downtown Austin. "... I get to continue my fitness career, be a full-time mommy, and teach my son at a very young age that being healthy is important and it can be fun. "

As the owner of Fit4mom Downtown Austin, I strive to give moms that feeling I had with my first Fit4mom experience. I want to combine community support and lead moms to their healthier selves . I believe in empowering women, cultivating healthy homes, and raising healthy children. I truly am motivated by motivating others!...it takes a Village.