Xochil Gonzalez

Marketing Manager

Xochil (pronounced Soh-chi), found Fit4Mom by chance and fell in love with everything the program had to offer. She comes from a fitness background of being a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, but felt she still lacked the motivation she needed after having her little one. "The Fit4Mom community has given me the confidence I needed as well as an opportunity to take my son out and meet new friends".

She is a proud mom of three, two of which are her step children. Her son Ezra was born at 28 weeks and weighed 1lb 9oz. "The first couple of months were the hardest for me and my family." For they had spent a lot of time traveling to and from the NICU. Ezra came home a week before Christmas, by far the best present ever! Soon after his homecoming, she and her husband Roger moved from Houston to Buda. She always says her son has taught their family a great deal and above all to cherish and value life, because as small as you may be or how tiny the breaths you take, your fight is what makes you.

Xochil is a rockstar creative mind and she makes such a great addition to our team as Marketing Manager. Her works extend from digital attractions, to personable interactions, and above all the many things she's totally AWESOME at, she will surely encourage you to push yourself at Strides class!